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Conducting Science, the HBO way!

Hollywood's image of a scientist Image credit:  If you were an alien species who had recently come across human existence on planet Earth and  only had Hollywood movies as your source to all information, your impression of science would be  something like this.  Scientific endeavours on planet Earth are pursued by solitarily working, half-  crazy scientist, who is either chasing the elixir of life , finding the secret chemistry behind making  gold or probably bringing back to life, his dead relative with the help of electricity alone.   If you leave  out the repeated stories of Hollywood , the remaining half about scientists still holds true. To the  public eye, scientists, even in most prestigious universities are looked upon as half-crazy individuals,  but it is the solitary working of scientists that is quite worrisome.  From the days of Anton van Leuwenhoek to Marie Curie and Watson and Crick, scientists have  worked either individu

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