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US Scientists Are Unable To Locate California's Bumble Bees

Previous studies have reported that there is a decline in several species of California bumble bees around the globe due to expansion of wild habitat, climate changes and use of bee-killing pesticides. A recent court ruling could save them if they can be found. Image Credits: Pixabay Researchers at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) , have proposed a study that suggests there are changes in the populations of bumble bees across the terrestrial areas in California. Bumble bees are adaptive to cooler temperatures and can fly in lower light levels than other bees. They can perform various types of pollination processes required for plants, including peppers, cranberries and tomatoes. Bumble bees pollinate crops worth $3 billion yearly in the US. For the new data, Hollis Woodard , a UCR Entomologist and her team members collected bees from 17 sites representing six different ecosystems earlier known to host a variety of bumble bees. The research team aimed to gather at four plac

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