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Researchers Find Plastic Traces In The Lung Tissues Of The Human Body

Scientists have found particles of plastics in human tissues with PET and polypropylene most common. Image credits: Pexels Microplastic pollution has caused damage to the lungs of living people. The traces of plastics have been discovered in the tissues of the patients undergoing surgery. Scientists said that microplastic pollution is everywhere across the world, which has made human exposure unavoidable. Hence, there is an increasing concern regarding health hazards. Samples were analysed to detect the presence of microplastic pollution. These samples were taken from the tissues removed from patients undergoing surgery. Out of 13 patients, microplastics were found in 11 cases. The most common particles were PET, used in making bottles and polypropylene, used in making pipes and plastic packaging. Previous studies have shown the traces of plastics at high rates in lung tissues taken during autopsies. These tiny particles have entered the human body through air, water and food. Worker

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