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Pet Goldfishes Are A Threat To Biodiversity Say UK Researchers

Researchers at the Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland , have reported that goldfish species might harm the surrounding ecosystems if they enter the wild. Invasive species are one of the major causes of biodiversity loss, and the pet trade is responsible for the aquatic invasive species. Many pet owners consider setting their pets free to be the more humane option. But, this approach is not meant for goldfish. Recently, they have been found in Atlantic Forest brook , breaking their confinement, and are flourishing. The release of such pets into the wild could lead to destructive outcomes for biodiversity.   Image Credits: Pixabay To better understand the ecological risks produced by various species within the pet trade, researchers decided to study the most common aquatic pets in Northern Ireland: goldfish and white cloud mountain minnow. Goldfish are the absolute starter pet as they are cute, tiny and easy to take care of. These fishes first domesticated over a thousand y

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