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Apple vs Samsung like patent war in the genomics industry

Remember the year 2012, when all we could hear from the smartphone industry was the on-going litigation between Apple and Samsung. Well, after a recent move from Illumina, the world’s largest next generation sequencing instrument provider, we can expect 2016 to be a similar year of litigation in the genomics industry. Except that unlike Apple’s opponent Samsung, who were busy selling smartphones around the world, Illumina’s opponent is a young company based in UK,  Oxford Nanopore Technologies  just venturing out in the real world. To understand, why Illumina would take such a step, we first need to go back in time, where all this began. The Human Genome Project was an ambitious project taken up by the National Human Genome Research Institute ( NHGRI ) and funded by the National Institute of Health ( NIH ) Back in 2003, with the then available method of sequencing ( Sanger Sequencing ), it took the researchers 13 years and $2.7 billion to publish the Human Genome . A

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