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Alzheimer's disease: The peanut butter test!

Peanut butter Image credit: A tablespoon of peanut butter might help determine if you are developing Alzheimer's disease . As bizzare as it might sound, researchers at the University of Florida have been successful in demonstrating that a dollop of peanut butter and a ruler is all you to need to test patients for early signs of Alzheimer's disease. Development of such a simple test will greatly help clinicians diagnose Alzheimer's earlier and give them an opportunity for earlier intervention. The idea of using peanut butter came to a graduate student, Jennifer Stamps, who while working in the department of neurology at the University of Florida, noticed that patients suspected for Alzheimer's were not being tested for their sense of smell. The idea behind testing patients for their smelling ability came from the fact that the first cranial nerve in the brain has an olfactory function, or in simple terms carries the smell from the nasal c

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