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The beauty in symmetry

Symmetry seen in a butterfly Image source: Have you ever wondered why you are sometimes attracted to some piece of art, and not to the other? Or why you find something visually appealing while another almost repulsive. Well next time, you do find yourself in such a situation, just take a moment, and see if what you are staring at, is symmetric or not. If you like it, chances are that the piece of work is very symmetric. Studies show that, when given an option to choose between symmetric and asymmetric pictures, people are more likely to choose symmetry over asymmetry. And this phenomenon is gender independent, so whether you are man or a woman, you will pick symmetry where possible .  If we look around, we find that symmetry seems to be a very important part of nature almost like a rule. Every organism is an example of symmetry, right from viruses that show radial symmetry, to fruits and flowers that have perfectly aligned parts, there is symmetry everywhere

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