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Monkeys Prefer Listening To Music Over Watching Videos, Find European Researchers

Researchers at the University of Glasgow and Aalto University in Finland have recorded the response of three white-faced saki monkeys at Korkeasaari zoo in Helenski to different audio and visual stimuli. They have found that the monkeys prefer audio stimuli over visual over screen time. Saki monkeys or sakis are new world primates found in Brazil, Suriname, Venezuela, Guyana and French Guiana. They live in the lower canopy of the forest and feed fruits, seeds, insects and nuts.   Image Credits: Pixabay The researchers used infrared sensors to turn tunnels into interactive zones where sakis could be enclosed. The monkeys would trigger either music or video on the screen in front. Experts recorded their reactions to both and found that sakis interacted for twice as long with audio stimuli than the visual ones. They preferred listening to Arctic Monkeys (a rock band) rather than watching Planet of the Apes (a film series). The overall interaction levels went down with both stimuli as t

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