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Most People On The Planet Don't Want To Become Rich, Finds British Survey

Researchers at the University of Bath, England, have found that the majority of the world's population doesn't want billions of dollars to live their dream life. However, they have found few people who want to become billionaires- which they feel is good for the world. The team stated that there had been a long-economic belief that unlimited desires motivate people on the planet. This keeps them running on a "consumerist treadmill" to earn more for their families. As society still revolves around this thought, researchers believe this affects the stability and health of the population. A never-ending economic growth may end up in more fortune, but at the cost of natural resource depletion and human health. Image Credits: Pexels About the survey The research team wanted to see whether the population wanted to have things that society wanted them to have. They surveyed approximately 8000 people in 33 countries spanning six continents to know how much money people neede

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