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Biologists Discover Smallest of Propellers That Make Archae Faster Than Cheetahs

The molecular structure of the propellers. Source Exeter University Biologists at the University of Exeter, England , have discovered new information on tiny locomotive structures or propellers used by archaea. The study also identified the structural elements that helped propellers to improve flexibility. Like bacteria , archaea are single-celled organisms found in large habitats. They are found living in extreme conditions, such as in high salt concentrations, pressures and temperatures. Some species also live in human bodies but unlike bacteria, they do not cause any disease. Archaea have a spiral-shaped filament-like structure called archaellum for locomotion. Some species are able to propel themselves at high speeds by rotating the archaellum. These filaments have intracellular motors that are responsible for rotating these extracellular filaments. The motors use ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) source of energy for the process. Methanocaldococcus villosus is a species of archaea fo

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