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Cancer Patients Are More Likely To Suffer From Severe Health Issues Due to Polypharmacy, Say Oncologists

Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), USA, have found that 92 percent of older adults with cancer face an issue called "polypharmacy". In a typical scenario, a patient coming for cancer treatment reports taking medications that might include medicines for diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, or an antidepressant. But, they may not report these medications as often to the medical team. Image Credits: Pixabay This concurrent use of multiple medications is known as Polypharmacy, which can make people more prone to harmful drug interaction. It is dangerous, especially for cancer patients who are about to undergo treatment. "Even for individuals who do not have cancer, multiple medication use is fraught with risks and tricky to navigate because of the emotions involved," said Erika Ramsdale, M.D. , an Oncologist, Geriatrics Specialist at Wilmot Cancer Institute , URMC. Further, she added that the risk of inappropriate use and serio

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