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Male Frogs Form Music Bands to Woo Females For Mating, Find American Researchers

Researchers at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire , United States, have discovered a frog species ( Rana sylvatica or Wood frog) that form singing bands or boy bands that sing to attract females for mating. Studies have shown that females are allured to low-frequency sounds because they indicate their mates' good physical health and bigger bodies. Therefore, males find their band members that have low sound frequencies to increase their chances of mating. A frog chorus includes individual sounds of different frogs that make a bizarre gobbling and quacking noise.  “A chorus of wood frogs can sound a lot like the chaotic gobbling from a group of rowdy turkeys,” said Ryan Calsbeek , study author. “No one has figured out a way to extract the voice of one individual from a chorus to understand how membership in a group influences that individual’s chance at getting a mate.” Image credits: Pexels Wood frogs have a broad range over North America and reproduce in temporary water bodies, unli

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