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RotM: Interview with Prof. Kenro Kusumi

Prof. Kenro Kusumi (R) with authors of the paper, Jeanne Wilson-Rawls (L) and Elizabeth Hutchins (centre). Photo credit: Joel Robertson. We, continue our Researcher of the Month initiative, with an interview with Professor Kenro Kusumi, who studies development, regeneration and diseases of the spine in his lab at the School of Life Sciences at the Arizona State University . Prof. Kusumi's expertise lies in developmental biology, embryology, evolution and genomics and recently published a paper in PLOS ONE on his findings from tail regeneration seen in green anole lizards which will pave way to finding regenerative treatment methods for diseases such as arthritis, scoliosis etc. CTS: For the benefit of our readers, could you please summarize your recent findings? KK: In order to examine the genes that are differentially expressed within the regenerating lizard tail, we used RNA-Seq to assess all the genes expressed at 25 days of regeneration. This is a stage that marks ma

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