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RotM: Interview with Dr. Justin Boddey

As part of our continuing effort to bring to you the latest developments in the field of science, we are proud to introduce a new section to our blog, Researcher of the Month (RotM), where we will speak about ground breaking research findings and to the researchers behind the work.  In our first RotM interview, we spoke to Dr. Justin Boddey , a researcher at the Infection and Immunity Division at the Walter and Eliza Hill Institute , Australia. Dr. Justin recently published his findings regarding Plasmepsin V in PLoS Biology , which has shed new light on our understanding of malarial parasite, Plasmodium, and how we can prevent its spread.  Here's Dr. Justin telling us more about his findings.  CTS: For the benefit of our readers, please tell us about the fresh perspective that Dr. Justin in his lab at WEHI your recent findings have provided to tackling malaria. JB: Malaria parasites are very clever; they invade red blood cells and change them by delivering m

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