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Meet the author: They Made What? They Found What?

Photo credit: Shweta Taneja.  In this brand new series on our blog, we will bring you interviews with some of the leading authors from the world of science.  Author Shweta Taneja We kick-off the series with an interview with Shweta Taneja , the author of the two-in-one book, They Made What? They Found What? Published earlier this year, the book covers ground-breaking discoveries and inventions made by Indian scientists in a wide range of scientific fields from molecular physics to thermodynamics, nanotechnology to evolutionary biology. Shweta resides in Bangalore and has authored seven books, along with a host of non-fictional writings about technology for leading digital outlets.    Coffee Table Science (CTS): You have written fiction in the past. But this book is different. What was the inspiration to write the book?   Shweta Taneja (ST):  I’m a journalist, editor, and creative writer. For a decade when I started writing fiction, I focused on science fiction and fantasy, but when t

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