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The Temperature Of Women's Brains Is Higher Than Men's, Says A UK Study

Researchers at the Medical Research Council's (MRC) Laboratory for Molecular Biology in Cambridge have discovered that women have warmer brains than men, and their temperatures are more likely to top 40 degrees Celsius.   Image Credits: Pixabay They stated that this temperature difference could be due to the menstrual cycle. Researchers came up with this result as they scanned most women in the post-ovulation phase and found that their brain temperature was around 0.4 degrees Celsius warmer than the women who were scanned in the pre-ovulation phase. For the study, researchers selected 40 volunteers, aged between 20 to 40, who were scanned in the morning, afternoon and late evening of a single day at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh . Researchers also produced the first 4D map of healthy brain temperature . They found that the average temperature was higher than previously thought at 38.5C, while the temperature of the mouth was less than 37C. But the temperature of deeper brain st

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