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Cloak of Invisibility very much a possibility!

Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is one accessory every Muggle would like to include in their wardrobe. For those of you who are not familiar with Harry Porter terminology, Muggles is the term, magic folk use to call non magical folk (and invisibility cloak is self-explanatory). We Muggles may not possess magical powers to conjure an invisibility cloak, but we surely have technology and genius, to fashion ourselves one. A simple principle exists behind the theory of invisibility. We can only see objects which reflect light incident on them, so in order to make any material or object invisible the reflection of light should be disabled. This is a simple concept but its execution is extremely difficult, and until now it was considered almost impossible. The phenomenon was reality with the use of artificially structured materials known as “metamaterials”. Metamaterials are unique materials which defy the natural law of absorption of light by materials which are consid

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