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Nano-Engineered Concrete Sealer: Building Optimistic Future of the Construction Industry

Photo credit: Washington University Researchers at Washington University (WU) have developed a nano-engineered sealer that can prevent concrete from damage. The sealer protects concrete from deteriorating after exposure to salt and water.  In laboratory studies, the sealer showed a 44 percent improvement against the damage due to salt and a 77 percent increment in water-repelling abilities. This study suggests new approaches to deal with infrastructure problems in the U.S. "We focused on one of the main culprits that compromise the integrity and durability of concrete, which is moisture," said Xianming Shi , study lead author and WU professor. "If you can keep concrete dry, the vast majority of durability problems would go away." Most of the infrastructure in the U.S. was developed in the mid 20th century and now is at the end of its lifetime. Since the late 1990s, the American Society of Civil Engineers has released reports on the U.S. infrastructure every four ye

Solar cells that work in rain

Now, Solar cells that can work in the rain. Image credit: In case you have read my last month’s guest post about harvesting solar energy in rust , you would be delighted to know that there has been yet another breakthrough in our attempt to harness solar energy.  For many years, solar energy has been targeted for being unavailable at night and during rains. The problem of utilizing solar energy at night can be resolved with the help of metal oxide cells as elaborated in my above post (do read it, if you have not done so already). And now researchers at the Ocean University in China have addressed the second problem and developed solar cells that can actually use rain drops to generate electricity. Published in the German journal Angewandte Chemie , the paper titled, A Solar Cell Triggered by Sun and Rain , opens a new realm of possibilities when harnessing solar energy. Coating the solar cell with a thin film of graphene allows the cell to function eve

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