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6 Technologies fast-tracked during COVID-19

Countries are in a lockdown. Offices are shut. Limited work is happening from home but that does not halt process of science and technology. Rather, extra-ordinary circumstances, tough challenges are what call for extra-ordinary solutions that later on become part of our daily lives. As the world waits for a cure or vaccine for Coronavirus, to get us back to how we were before, here is a list of some technologies that are seeing an uptick in their development or implementation.  1. Wearable Tech  Remember that fitness tracker you got as a birthday gift. Yes, the one you wore to office everyday but rarely went out for a run with it. If you are nodding right now, we were right to guess, that we were not the only ones. But these are set to get an upgrade soon.  For a while now wearable tech companies are trying to work out how they can get most of out the hardware that already exists on the device. There are just a few among us now who upgrade their iPhones every

Genetically Modified Plant can help clear TNT from soil

As a species, humans hardly grasp the ramifications of their actions. Whether it be the rapid climate change or the shattering effects of war. Even though we realise that we are the main culprits in both these cases, under no circumstances do our actions look like we are on the course of correction. The snail's pace of climate talks or our outright refusal to contribute to dialogue and engage in wars instead are proof enough to show that left to politicians, sooner or later our Earth's environment will soon turn hostile for our own survival and bring our end nearer.  Plants, on the other hand, are entirely different. Slow yet sure in their approach, these silent beings are always trying to maintain the balance that is being disturbed, thanks to human activities. Since the beginning of our civilization, plants have always provided for us, whether in the form of naturally available fruits or planned growth of crops as our ancestors turned agrarian. As we are also aw

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