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Japan's Fukushima Region Emerges as the First State to Produce Renewable Energy After a Nuclear Disaster

11 years since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the Japanese are investing in various projects, including installing solar panels across the coast, green energy microgrids and  clean hydrogen  production technology to fulfill their energy requirements. A year after the incident, the regional government set up a goal of sourcing all its energy from renewable sources by 2040.  Additionally, the national government also provided financial support to boost progress. Renewable sources produced 43 percent of the total energy consumed in Fukushima in the year 2020. The production has increased by 24 percent since 2011. Though the production increased substantially, the price of the energy and the health problems caused by it is still a problem. "A strong desire to never see a repeat of such an accident was the most important starting point for the drive,” said Noriaki Saito, energy director at the prefecture's planning department,  told AFP . Photo credit: Pixabay Projects reactivated

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