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American Researchers Discover the Impact of Natural Patterns on the Human Brain

Researchers at the  University of Oregon, U.S , have discovered that urban environments are not appealing to the  human brain . Instead, it is nature that helps the human brain stay relaxed and anxiety-free. Image credit: Pixabay The reason behind this issue is the lack of fractals in urban cities. Fractals are geometric patterns that repeat themselves at different scales. These are self-similar and never-ending patterns that are created by repeating a simple process. Fractals can be seen in every object, such as rivers, trees, coastlines and clouds in nature. A human brain requires only 50 milliseconds to detect and respond to natural fractals. "As soon as we look at nature, it triggers a cascade of automatic responses", said Richard Taylor , a physicist at the University of Oregon. "Even before we’ve noticed what we’re looking at, we’re responding to it.” The effects of these natural fractals were found to be positive. Humans do not feel stressed when they walk through

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