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Sildenafil citrate: How Pfizer sold the wrong drug to the right people!

Structure of Sildenafil citrate In 1989, researchers Peter Dunn and Albert Wood, working at the Pfizer’s research facility at Kent, England, were able to synthesize a drug that could be used to treat patients with high blood pressure and chest pain. Called Sildenafil citrate, this drug could inhibit functioning of the enzyme, cGMP -specific phosphodiestrase type 5, simply called PDE -5 , making blood vessels more receptive to nitric oxide in the blood, further leading to the relaxation of the arterial wall and regulation of blood pressure. Like every other drug discovery , Sildenafil citrate, too, now had to go through rigorous clinical trials before being able to actually help patients. Phase I clinical trials were conducted at a hospital in Wales which did not progress very well. In addition to the regular side-effects such as headache, impaired vision and indigestion, sildenafil was also found to result in unintended penile erections in male subjects. What was even wor

5 things you MUST know about Paracetamol

English: Panadol, used for reducing pain and fever. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Paracetamol or acetaminophen is most commonly used pain reliever used in the world. Right from our birth to our old age, paracetamol comes to our aid for relieving pain and reducing fever. The common usage of the drug is further promoted by the fact that it requires no prescription and can be brought at your nearest convenience store along with your groceries. So, before you put paracetamol on your next shopping list, here are a few things you must know. Paracetamol is commonly compared to drugs such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin which are called NSAIDs ( N on S teroidal A nti- I nflammatory D rug s ). However, a study has shown that paracetamol has little anti-inflammatory activity and is weaker than ibuprofen in relieving fever. Unlike aspirin though, paracetamol is not anti-thrombotic i.e. it does not stop clotting of blood, which is probably the reason why it is favored over aspirin. Paracetamol o

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