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10 lesser known facts about Lightning

From the Greeks to the Norse and Shinto to the Hindu mythology, lightning has been a sign of wrath in almost all cultures. Both feared and revered, lightning is the symbol of power and authority and even the famous Harry Potter carries this symbol on his forehead. While the clap of thunder that accompanies lightning can startle anybody easily, one cannot undermine the spookiness that a bolt of lightning can bring to a dark night with some strong winds blowing. Whether we speak of stories of mythology or a scary movie, lightning manages to add its own dimension every time.  Here’s adding a little more to your know how about lightning. Carrying almost 300KV of energy, a spark of lightning can raise the temperature of air to about 50,000 Fahrenheit, that’s about 27,700 degree Celsius. The surface of the Sun is around 5500 degrees Celsius. So, with every bolt of lightning, we, temporarily, have the temperature of 5 Suns striking the Earth . Luckily, these high temperatures st

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