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Japanese Researchers Make Edible Cement From Food Waste

Researchers at Tokyo University, Japan , have developed a technology that can convert waste food into cement for construction. The cement formed is edible and has tensile or bending strength four times the conventional concrete. With this innovation, researchers expect to reduce global warming by dealing with problems related to food waste decomposition. Methane is one of the greenhouse gases produced when food materials rot and is a significant contributor to global warming.    Image Credits: Pexels The Formation Of Food Cement According to the Chatham House , a London-based organization providing solutions to climate change, 8 percent of the world's carbon dioxide is emitted by cement production processes. Considering this, researchers developed a technology that could decrease dependency on concrete-based cement. They first developed a method to make concrete with fine wood particles subjected to heat compression. It involved three steps; drying, pulverization (crushing) and com

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