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Genetically Engineered Glowing Fish Have Escaped From Confinement Into the Atlantic Forest Creeks and Are Breeding, Says Brazilian Study

Image credit: Pixabay 'Glofishes', genetically-engineered fishes capable of producing light, have escaped captive areas in southeast Brazil and are reproducing in nature, a Brazilian study has reported.  A glow fish is a genetically-engineered zebrafish that has genes for producing light. As these fishes glow in the dark, they are special for aquariums that want to attract fish. They are popular in the commercial fish market and trademarked as "Glofish". GloFish came into existence in the late 1990s. Scientists in Singapore designed these fishes to detect pollution in water. For the experiment, they chose zebrafishes as they can withstand various water conditions and temperature fluctuations. They are also the most common research models for various scientific studies, especially for drug development and biology. The scientists extracted red luminescence (light-producing) genes from corals and blue and green luminescence genes from jellyfish and injected them into t

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