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Monkeypox is Less Likely to Turn Into a Pandemic, Say American Health Officials

The emergence of a new disease has created panic all across the world. In the past few months, the outbreak of monkeypox has alerted health officials. The virus has been endemic in central and western Africa and has been spreading in the U.S. and Europe. However, experts say that the monkeypox virus is unlike COVID-19 and its chances of turning out into an uncontrolled pandemic are less. Researchers have been studying this virus since it was first found in the human body nearly 50 years ago. They have discovered similarities between monkeypox and smallpox virus which can help combat the spread. They already know how the monkeypox virus spreads, how it presents and how to treat it. However, the case was not similar to COVID-19. Image Credits: Pixabay Spreading of The Monkeypox Virus Versus COVID-19 Virus Monkeypox virus spreads by very close contact- mostly skin to skin contact or physical contact with the bedding or clothes of an infected person. Contrastingly, the coronavirus virus sp

Fake news, fake apps, fake treatments and fake tests in the time of Coronavirus

The year is 2020. The pandemic is COVID-19. Countries are grappling with a virus that is believed to have found its way from a bat, through pangolin trade, into the human body and in a matter of months, spread from patient zero to over 25,00,000 confirmed cases world over. No standardized treatment is available, vaccines are months away from development, personal protective equipment is scarce, testing kits are faulty but that’s not where we are concentrating our energies on. We are spreading unverified news through social media apps, blaming religious communities for spreading the virus intently and forcing governments to spend more time devising strategies to contain fake news than the virus. Across Europe and in Britain, people have correlated the roll-out of 5G mobile phone technology to the spread of Coronavirus and set about putting 5G towers on fire .  The spread of these theories has been so rapid and viral that the World Health Organization had to spend resource

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