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Incorrect Posture While Using Phones Risks Long Term Health of College Students

                                   Photo by Pixabay from Pexels A recent study conducted at Texas A&M University has shown that college students are addicted to smartphones, have higher levels of screen time and access multiple devices frequently compared to previous generations. Due to the increased use of these gadgets, especially tabs and smartphones, students are more likely to shift towards a comfortable workplace such as a couch or chair with no desk that leads to musculoskeletal disorders like low back pain, sprains, and strain at a very young age. According to the 2021  Statista  report, the present number of smartphone users on the planet is 6.37 billion, which means 80.63% of the human population owns a smartphone. The figure rose from 2016 when the number of users was 3.66 or roughly 50% of the global population. With the hike in the number of smartphone users, a large population is expected to suffer from musculoskeletal disorders like low back pain due to incorrect

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