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Scientists Develop New Catalysts That Produce Hydrogen in a Cheaper and Less Polluting Way

Image credit: Akitada31/ Pixabay Oregon State University (OSU) researchers have developed advanced catalysts for clean hydrogen production. Catalysts are used in industries to speed up a chemical reaction. They make the production of several materials easier, quicker and more efficient. Their studies have shown that clean hydrogen can be produced with much higher efficiency and at a low cost as compared to hydrogen production with commercially available catalysts. What Have Researchers Found? Catalysts are substances that increase the rate of a chemical reaction without undergoing any permanent change in themselves. "In facilitating reaction processes, catalysts often experience changes in their structure,"said Zhenxing Feng, a chemical engineering professor at OSU. Sometimes, the changes are irreversible, and other times reversible . An irreversible restructuring is the main cause of the degradation of a catalyst's stability, leading to the loss of its activity that dec

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