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American Researchers to Open Halite Rock Crystals That Might Have 830-Million-Year Old Living Organisms

Researchers from the Geological Society of America have found remnants of ancient microorganisms in an 830 million-year-old rock salt crystal. They believe that these organisms might still be alive and planning to crack open the crystal, Daily Mail reported . Earlier they found the remnants of algal and prokaryotic (organisms lacking cell organelles and nucleus) life in ancient halite (rock salt) crystal in the form of microscopic liquid bubbles, known as fluid inclusions. These liquid sites serve as shelters for microorganisms to live and flourish. Now the researchers are willing to open the crystal to find whether the microbes or ancient life is still alive or not. Though bringing back 830 million-year-old life into the present world doesn't sound extraordinary nor sensible, they insist that the procedure will be done under supervision and necessary precautions will be taken.   Image Credits: Pixabay "It does sound like a really bad B-movie, but there is a lot of detailed w

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