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Meet the Author : Explaining Life Through Evolution

For our second interview in our Meet the Author series, we spoke to Professor Prosanta Chakrabarty , the Curator of Fishes at Louisiana State University. As an ichthyologist, Professor Chakrabarty studies fishes, especially bony ones to understand the evolution and history of the Earth. His research has taken him to over 30 countries and Chakrabarty is credited with the discovery of over 13 species of fish. His recent book, Explaining Life Through Evolution focuses on similarities between species, rather than the differences. He also states that life is like a book of which we see just a few chapters and it continues to be made, long after we are gone.                                                              Explaining Life Through Evolution                                                                    Image credit: Prosanta Chakrabarty Coffee Table Science is grateful to Professor Chakrabarty for dedicating his valuable time to this interview. CTS: Evolution is something th

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