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Why do Pets like to play?

Isn't it strange where cats and kittens will find to sleep and play? (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) I have cats at home, I love cats, and am a self proclaimed animal activist, who loves her quadruped counterpart than watching humans play. But the idea of play I have come to believe is not universal. When I do catch a trail of ants , or the occasional team of ants scouting the place for left over cat food, I can’t help but think that they are probably having a fun time looking around, and contrary to popular scientific belief, I do think they kinda like to waste time goofing around, when the food is right there in front of them. But then again, that is my opinion, which has no scientific evidence, and need not be taken seriously. So, if you have cats at home or are fortunate enough to have seen cats playing you would see that it greatly resembles their hunting behaviour. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that play hones the kittens hunting skills so that they grow up to bec

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