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Pugs No Longer ‘Typical Dogs’, Say Vets In The UK

Vets at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in the UK, have found that pugs are more likely to suffer from eye, skin and breathing disorders than other breeds. Image Credits: Pixabay Pugs are in high demand among celebrities and dog lovers because of their wrinkled faces and squashed little noses. However, this new study has shown that the breed suffers from various health conditions and cannot be considered a 'typical dog' like others. "The widely differing health profiles between Pugs and other dogs in the UK suggest that the Pug has diverged to such an extent from mainstream dog breeds that the Pug breed can no longer be considered as a typical dog," said study researchers. Pugs are born by selective breeding and their short-faced brachycephalic (short-muzzled dog with flattened face) characteristics are a result of genetic mutation that did not evolve naturally. This facial structure puts them at a higher risk of health issues such as eye, breathing and skin diso

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