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Driverless Vehicles Can Be Tricked into Disastrous Driving Behaviour, Finds US Study

Driverless or autonomous cars are becoming popular these days. They were designed keeping in mind the safety of drivers and people on the road. However, researchers at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) have identified a possible risk that could trick the collision-avoidance system of driverless cars leading to an inevitable accident. Collision avoidance is installed to prevent or decrease the chances of a collision. It monitors the vehicle's speed, the speed of the counter vehicle and the distance between the two to avoid a crash. The system contains various sensors and technologies, including radars, cameras and lasers, to spot an imminent collision.  According to the researchers, the system could be deceived causing an undesirable driving behaviour or abrupt halt by the objects placed on the roadside. “A box, bicycle or traffic cone may be all that is necessary to scare a driverless vehicle into coming to a dangerous stop in the middle of the street or on a freeway off-

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