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Blackhole System, Closest to Earth, Has No Black Hole, Shows Recent Study

Image credit: ESO According to a new study, the closest black hole system (HR 6819) to Earth , about 1,000 light-years away, has no black holes. The system was first discovered in 2020. Back then, two theories were proposed, one with the presence of a black hole and one with its absence. However, a recent study by researchers at KU Leuven University, Belgium , took the initiative to find which of the two theories is correct. They used instruments such as the European Southern Observatory Very Large Telescope (ESO, VLT) and the VLT interferometer to get decisive data to differentiate between two theories. All the evidence reported the presence of a 'vampire star system' in which two stars orbit very closely and one star out of the two feasts on another. There was no sign of a distant orbiting star that would be needed for the black hole theory. “Not only is it normal, but it should be that results are scrutinised,” said Thomas Rivinius , a Chile-based ESO astronomer and lead aut

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