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Under the MRI

Image courtesy: Andy Ellison ( The MRI or the magnetic resonance imaging technique is probably one of the best modern day scientific inventions. this non invasive procedure has allowed us to peer into the human body and enhanced our understanding of ourselves.  After my recent post on Sex under the MRI and the fascinating images the machine produced, I got to fishing outs some other fun stuff captured by this incredible machine.  Here's what I found!  Fruits and Vegs Captured by Andy Ellison, these images are a result of mere curiosity and fascination of how fruits, vegetables and flowers look under the MRI. I stumbled upon these images at , and the internet hound that I am, I sniffed my way to Andy's homepage , and I was absolutely blown away. Here are a few images of what I saw but I highly recommend you go and check them out for yourself . (Dont forget to check out his older posts.)

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