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Algae Biofuel Can Substitute Conventional Jet Fuel, Says Turkish Researchers

Researchers at the Bogazici University, Turkey , are working to produce biofuel for aeroplanes from algae. They are conducting their experiments in a lab away from the Black Sea. Here, huge masses of cloudy and green algae swirl under the hot sun in the lab's greenhouse with the help of a squeaky motor. Image Credits: Pixabay “Right now, they’re just getting fat,” said Berat Haznedaroğlu , Director of the Istanbul Microalgae Biotechnologies Research and Development Center. “As you can see they’re just using air — carbon dioxide and sunlight.” The strain of algae is filled with fatty acids. The more the number of fatty algae, the more fuel they can produce. But producing this biofuel on a large scale is not an easy task. The research team drain the algae pools into large metal tanks and use chloroform and ethanol to break the algae into fatty acids. The oil produced is checked for quality and shipped to a nearby refinery to turn into jet fuel. Demand and Supply Algae biofuels are co

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