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Salt and Water Waltz [Video]

If you have enjoyed watching the video above, then you are going to absolutely love the science behind it that makes it possible!  All this chemical dancing was made possible by a simple finding that we can move objects using sound waves . This requires no spells that you can learn only at the Hogwarts School of Wizardry, but just the simple application of acoustic levitation . Scientists have been able to levitate light objects using nothing but sound waves (at particular frequencies) from a speaker. But researchers Dimos Poulikakos and Daniele Foresti at the University ETH Zurich have modified this well known method that not only allows them to levitate objects but also move them to their hearts desire! The result, the salt and water waltz above.  This technique is known as acoustophoresis in the scientific world and can be applied in the pharmaceutical industry where one wishes to mix ingredients without contaminating them.  If you work in a lab that has

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