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Life without Air conditioners - even in summers! [Coffee-byte]

Different parts of the world spend energies through the year, either cooling or heating up their homes While a good part of the Western hemisphere spends tons of gas in heating their homes, the Eastern hemisphere is quickly becoming a major consumer of electricity for purposes of cooling their homes and offices. As temperatures soared over the last summer often crossing the 40oC mark in India, millions of Indians turned to their air conditioners remotes to cool themselves and their surroundings. But can developing economies with polluted atmospheres continue to burn coal and other fossil fuels to keep themselves cool? The natural alternate would be use solar or tidal sources of energies or simply rethink our designs and try to cool the individual rather than his surrounding. This is the line of thinking that the Department of Material Sciences and Engineering followed at the University of Stanford under the aegis of Prof. Yi Cui.  Perspiration is our body's natura

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