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Cartoonised Periodic table

If you are having difficulty remembering the periodic table and properties of the elements, here is something to help you out! The artist behind these adorable element flashcards is Kacie D, here is a link to here website. Enjoy.... Click here for more.

RotM: Interview with Dr. Allan Drummond

Dr. D. Allan Drummond in his office at the University of Chicago This month, we spoke to Dr. D. Allan Drummond , our Researcher of the Month (RotM), regarding his work about proteins. Dr. Allan has a Ph.D in Computation and Neural Systems and heads a team of scientists as Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as well as the Department of Human Genetics, University of Chicago . His team works on finding out the effects of errors in protein making mechanism in our cells and their effect in disorders such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) .  In this interview, Dr. Allan simplified for us his recent findings about tRNA modification that were recently published in PLoS Biology   CTS: What is the aim of studying tRNA modification? What information can we seek from studying tRNAs ? AD: We study tRNAs and their modifications to understand translation, a fundamental biological process shared by all life. Cells need proteins, the main molecular w

10 lesser known facts about Lightning

From the Greeks to the Norse and Shinto to the Hindu mythology, lightning has been a sign of wrath in almost all cultures. Both feared and revered, lightning is the symbol of power and authority and even the famous Harry Potter carries this symbol on his forehead. While the clap of thunder that accompanies lightning can startle anybody easily, one cannot undermine the spookiness that a bolt of lightning can bring to a dark night with some strong winds blowing. Whether we speak of stories of mythology or a scary movie, lightning manages to add its own dimension every time.  Here’s adding a little more to your know how about lightning. Carrying almost 300KV of energy, a spark of lightning can raise the temperature of air to about 50,000 Fahrenheit, that’s about 27,700 degree Celsius. The surface of the Sun is around 5500 degrees Celsius. So, with every bolt of lightning, we, temporarily, have the temperature of 5 Suns striking the Earth . Luckily, these high temperatures st

Back after a break!!!!

To our dear readers who have been patiently looking at this blog for updates, our sincerest apologies! We had to take an unplanned long break (nothing to worry about) but now we are back, and you can look forward to our upcoming posts! A sneak preview at what you can expect in the coming few days! Interesting bits about lightning?  How to make periodical table more interesting! and Our Researcher of the Month interview! 

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