Up Close with a Volcano [Video]

An Erupting volcano Image courtesy: www.fastcoexist.com

Volcanoes are of the most dreaded natural phenomenon! The US Geological Survey estimates around 1500 active volcanoes in the world and this number does not include the volcanic activity occurring on ocean floors. But there is a lot that we still need to understand about the  volcanoes. But to study them, we need to get closer to them and this is where the problem arises. The temperatures near an active volcano exceed 1000 degrees Celsius with ease which demands for special apparatus to fight heat and survival.

But a Shenzhen (China) based company has now shown that modern technology can help us reach places that we have never reached before without having to spend billions on development. All one needs to do is use existing technology smartly. Here,you can see how a $1000 quad-copter can bring you up close images of an eruption of a the Bardardbunga volcano in Iceland.

If you are visiting this post looking for some more manly footage of volcano and do no mind spending some additional time for the build up, here's Geoff Mackley, the first person to come closest to the Marum Volcano. 


  1. Those people are so brave! I would never go near any volcano in my life! I admire fearless people, they make our world stronger! Thanks a lot for posting, it was really interesting to watch!


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