Apps for Pets? [Coffee-byte]

Just like the way, we have adopted technology as a part and parcel of our daily lives, other animals, too, do not seem to have any issues adopting it as well. While they cannot build tablets and smartphones for themselves, they are surely interested in a game or two, if you offer.

It all started with researchers being able to show that gorillas can indulge in a playful game among themselves if you give them a ball.

Orangutan using iPad

But with advancing technology, just like kids get distracted these days, orangutans got distracted too! This Zoo in Milwaukee allows their orangutns to FaceTime with their friends in other zoos and also Doodle on the iPad in their free time.

Dolphin with iPadMerlin, a dolphin in Mexico is already using an iPad to learn speech and associate objects with symbols. 

And if you thought, only primates and dolphins were smart, check the pigs in this pen who know how to collaborate with their human team mate and get the perfect score.

  Friskies takes this even further and has already released three games for your little ball of fur. Here's a short video of how cats enjoy their time with the iPad.


  1. Are you serious? I mean - yes, when it is somehow educative or something it is okay, I can get it at least, but apps for pets for fun? Why? They are animals, for god's sake! People spend their resources for developing apps for pets instead of doing something really useful.


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