Fractals- the Bizarre and Beautiful pattern to chaos [Coffee-byte]

I have always loved how everywhere you look, you cannot help but notice how symmetric everything in nature really is. I have been fascinated with repetitive pattern and I have always managed to find inspiration all around me for my doodles.

Fractals - they are called, and they are made up of the simplest patterns forming complex larger patterns. They are, as fractalfoundation puts it, - ' never ending patterns that are infinitely complex and self similar across different scales.' The term 'fractals' was first used by the mathematician - Benoit Mandelbrot, who worked on the "theory of roughness"- which argued that like everything else in nature, roughness, chaos and mess also have a pattern.
The Mandelbrot set, that is a never ending loop of the same pattern within the pattern, which may sometimes gives you a headache after staring at it for a while, was first displayed by him and rightfully named so in his honour.

 Here are some that are quite interesting

Fractals on petri plate

Fractals on petri plate

Fractals on leaves

Fractals on leaves

Fractals on a shell

You can find more of these here.

This is also a great video that explains what are Fractals 


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